Nordpolens Stenugnsbageri

Finally we have opened! In October, the Conditori Nordpolen celebrated 115 years. We wanted to celebrate by opening a brand new store bakery called Nordpolens Stenugnsbageri. Here you can quickly and easily buy delicious bread, either baked in our wood-burning stone ovens or in any of our new stone ovens that are visible in the shop. The majority of the flour we use comes from Levene Kvarn and we let the dough cold chill for at least 24 hours, making the bread tasty and heavy. Of course, there are common rolls, sweet bread, danish bread and many other goods. Here you can also have a good talk with the baker who made the bread, buy a fresh salad, a nice sandwich, freshly squeezed juice or freshly brewed coffee. The shop is Close to the patisserie - in Varafin's old facilities.

Tuesday-Friday 6am-4pm
Saturday 8am-1pm



Warm welcome!

Första bröden från Nordpolens Stenugnsbageri