A cup of coffee at Nordpolen

By the end of 2014, Conditori Nordpolen came out with a book. It’s about what’s happening in a pastry shop that has been around for over 100 years. There will of course be many beautiful pictures too!


Why is it called Conditori Nordpolen? Is it true that August Andreé landed on Varaslätten in Västra Götaland? Can you eat viennese bread every day? Can you bake our strawberry pies at home? Some of the questions may be answered in this book. But above all, you get an insight into how life in an old rich pastry can be. The author of the book has talked with us and our cafeteria and portrays some of all the meetings that always take place between people in a pastry shop. Meetings in all shifts of life, meetings between people – the kind of meetings that we at the Conditori Nordpolen care about most of all.

In the book you will also find a lot of exciting history and beautiful pictures from the patisserie. In addition, we share the recipes with our most popular pastries.

The author of the book, Christer El-Mochantaf, is a journalist and resident in Vara. He has previously won the “Lilla Augustpriset” for his writings and loves mousse cakes.

The book’s photographs are taken by Simon Cederquist, which in many contexts is mentioned as one of Sweden’s most interesting photographers. He never says no to a piece of strawberry pie.

The preface of the book is written by Tomas Sjödin, author and pastor. He has also been heard as both summer and winter radio host in P1 and calls himself a caffeineist.