When our grandmother Svea started her bakery “Sveas Hembageri” in Gillstad, it was a matter of course to have a wood-fired oven. It was the most common way to bake bread in the 1940’s.

Today it might seem weird to start with wood-fired stone baked bread again. Even though the development of todays ovens has come far, you can’t get a bread as good as when made with a wood-fired stone oven. Even the kind of wood you use to fire the oven gives the bread it’s character.
Most of the bread we bake in the stone ovens is sourdough bread. It’s a natural way of fermenting the bread, which has several positive characteristics. For example, the bread will keep fresh for several days, and it’s character and taste will change a bit each day. It won’t crumble and you don’t need to keep the bread in a plastic bag. A paper bag is ideal.
The natural crust on the bread keeps it from drying out. And of course, it’s both tasty and healthy as well.

Best regards, Per Larsson and Elin Wahll