17/1 2009 Nordpolen received the award

For a delicate conservation of 100-year old traditions in both environment and assortment

One of the few historically interesting cafés and confectionaries left in Sweden is the century old Conditori Nordpolen, newly renovated with a delicate hand, as to live up to todays requirements for practical and inviting shop- and serving areas. To touch such a place is as renovating an antique. You normally don’t do that kind of thing, but confectioner Stig Larsson and his family succeeded to do so and still managed to keep tradition and the buildings uniqueness intact.
So why Conditori Nordpolen?
Well, polar explorer August Andrée test flew his hot air balloon over Västergötland before his noted expedition to the North Pole. He landed on a field outside of Vara and got his strength back from a cup of coffee in town before taking off once again. A brewery and a sobriety cafe in Vara later on embraced the name of the polar travelers final destination.
Unfazed by fika trends and fashion, health messages and sugar debates, Conditori Nordpolen at Västgötaslätten stands stronger than ever with a fresh assortment and suitable premises.
The diploma was awarded by Hans Alfredsson. In the picture, Per, Elin and Stig stand together with Karl-Jan Granqvist.