Conditori Nordpolen is a classic confectionary with ancestry from 1903 when sisters Alma and Alvida Jansson started the confectionary.

Nowadays, Conditori Nordpolen is run as an incorporated company and is a typical small family business driven by siblings Per, Elin and Tina.

About 25 people work with us in our new and modern bakery, sales- & serving area. During the summer months, we also offer a serving area outside in our garden.


Over iceberg to the North Pole they wanted to go,
Strindberg, Fraenkel and August Andrée,
But the wind took Svea and brought the three
to the place that later came to be a Café,
in Vara!

During the 100 years with Conditori Nordpolen, the red thread has been:
Highest quality
Exquisite pastries
Friendly approach
Relaxing environment

People even say we have some of the most distinguished pastries in northern Europe!


Why such an arctic name as “Nordpolen”?

At the end of the last century there was a man: Salomon August Andrée. He was an explorer and researcher. A big interest of his was to fly hot air balloons. He dreamt of flying one all the way to the North Pole.

Under one of his test flights on the 14th of july in 1894, he took of he from the gas company in Gothenburg (He was testing the possibilities of steering the hot air balloon with sliding ropes)
The wind blew from west and in the afternoon, he flew right past Vara. He landed on a field adjacent to a farm named Glädjen. The story goes that Andrée and his crew went into Vara to socialize with the people of the town that night.

Three years later Andrée started his dire trip from Danskön at Spetsbergen towards the North Pole. He didn’t come far, as he had to do an emergency landing 65 hours later on the ice of Vitön.
His remains and equipment wasn’t found until 1930, when an expedition passed through. Detailed diaries and undeveloped film was found at the site.

When the sisters Alma and Alvida founded their confectionary in 1903, they came to think of Andrées visit in vara back in 1894. As he was still missing, they decided to honor Andrées name by naming the confectionary “NORDPOLEN”, meaning “The North Pole”.